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Kensington Corporate Center


Kensington Corporate Center is a four-story Class A office building at 1660 Feehanville Drive in Mount Prospect with 86,197 rentable square feet. Built in 1989, the building's primary tenant is Metropolitan Life.

Chicago Quick Facts

  • Third largest metropolitan economy in the U.S.
  • Global financial center and capital of the Midwest
  • Chicago is home to 26 miles of lakefront
  • Chicago's downtown, known as "The Loop,"  refers to the area encircled by the elevated "L" train tracks
  • The Lincoln Park Zoo is the country's oldest public zoo
  • At 23.5 miles, Chicago's Western Avenue is the world's longest street
  • Chicago hosts the world's biggest food fest, called The Taste of Chicago
  • Among many Chicago inventions are skyscrapers, the zipper, the Twinkie, and the Ferris Wheel