pdfJury Unanimously Finds Falcon Breached Contracts

DALLAS, August 19, 2008 -- Younan Hospitality Group announced today that it has successfully defended itself and won on all claims against Falcon Physician Reviews, which filed a lawsuit against Younan Hospitality Group. The suit, filed in the 160th Judicial Court of Dallas County, erroneously claimed that Falcon's business was interrupted when Falcon breached its contracts with Younan at its Holiday Inn Select in North Dallas. In fact, a Dallas County jury unanimously concluded that Younan was the aggrieved party as a result of Falcon's breach.

Zaya S. Younan, Chairman and CEO of Younan Properties said, "We are extremely pleased that the Court and a jury found Younan innocent of any wrongdoing in this frivolous case. The company was vigorous and unrelenting in its defense, which was utterly successful."

Younan continued, "Moreover, we are heartened that the jury understood that this was a completely baseless suit designed to attack Younan's good reputation. This should serve as 'warning shot across the bow' serving notice to companies that think that they can try to twist the law to extort companies for money. Younan's reputation and integrity are worth defending, regardless of the cost."

The case centered on Falcon's contracts with the Holiday Inn Select to use the hotel to host students taking USMLE preparatory courses in 2006. When Falcon abruptly left the hotel in July 2006, it was in breach of its contracts with the Holiday Inn. The contracts Falcon breached required that cancellation fees be paid to Younan. Rather than pay the agreed upon cancellation fees, Falcon sued Younan.

Younan counter-sued Falcon seeking recovery of the cancellation fees. In a desperate attempt to avoid its obligations, Falcon claimed that Younan failed to provide certain services at the hotel. However, Falcon failed to present any credible evidence to support its position. In the end, Falcon's claims were dismissed by the Court and the jury unanimously found that Falcon breached the contracts with Younan. As a result, Younan was awarded damages of $850,500.

Zaya Younan noted that the damages being awarded in this case will be used for a greater good. "This never was about the money, but rather it was about the principle of defending against frivolous lawsuits. We will donate a substantial portion of this award to the families of our fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives to insure America's freedom. This money will be used to benefit others, and we are proud that we can support our brave men and women in the military who serve with honor so we can be free."

According to Adam Knowlton, Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel for Younan Properties, the company utilized its full complement of legal resources. "Chris Hanslik of Boyar & Miller did an extremely good job in represented Younan. He articulated and provided compelling evidence of Younan's complete innocence in this matter. The result was an overwhelming success for Younan and a win for any business that must deal with frivolous lawsuits."

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