As one of the leading owners and managers of office properties in the United States, we actively work to promote our growth and operations in a sustainable and responsible manner across our markets. We focus our sustainability initiatives on the operation of our existing buildings as well as our own internal corporate practices. Our sustainability initiatives are centered on energy efficiency, green cleaning, waste reduction and water preservation. Through these efforts we demonstrate that sustainable practices can be implemented with a conscious regard for the environment and the bottom line.

Younan Properties operates and manages its buildings from the perspective of being a responsible owner. The efficient operation of our buildings is an important cornerstone of our overall strategy and supports our efforts to attract and retain tenants by making our properties more attractive both in terms of operating cost and their impact on the environment. This strategy runs from investing in and upgrading energy systems that reduce the long term costs of operations for ourselves and our tenants, retrofitting lighting with energy efficient alternatives, and using green building materials in our tenant build-outs and building upgrades to reduce replacement costs and repairs and ensure that our buildings remain competitive for the long term.

At Younan, we are committed to the following sustainability principles:

  • Identify and execute new strategies for promoting sustainability in existing owned and operated properties and corporate operations
  • Assess the cost effectiveness of small and large scale projects and programs
  • Work with our service providers and partners to seek new ways to limit consumption and gain operating efficiencies
  • Promote ongoing dialogue across the Younan platform and share best practices with our team