In less than a decade, Younan Properties has become one of the largest, private real estate firms in the US. The company's investment focus is to create value through strategically acquiring, redeveloping and repositioning high-quality office properties primarily located in major cities and high-growth office markets. Here are few of the milestones in Younan Properties history.


  • Younan Properties is founded by Zaya S. Younan. He began with a balance sheet of $100,000 and a clear vision to build a premier full-service, commercial real estate company.
  • During the first year, the company acquired 10 office buildings in Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston sub-markets for a total of 725,000 square feet.
  • Younan sells four of its California office buildings after stabilization was complete


Sepulveda Center


  • The company acquires 925,000 square feet of Class A office buildings in Los Angeles and Dallas including Sepulveda Center, Younan Plaza, Warnerview Executive Center and Mowry Building in Los Angeles; and The Meridian, One Graystone Centre and 1250 Mockingbird in Dallas.
  • Younan disposes of two office buildings in Los Angeles and one office property in Birmingham, AL for $20 million.


Galleria Plaza


  • Younan Properties enters the Phoenix market by acquiring three office buildings for a total of 836,000 square feet of Class A office space. The Class A acquisitions include 4041 Central Plaza, the largest office building in downtown Phoenix; Meridian Bank Tower, a 20-story high rise in the Phoenix CBD, and Four Gateway, in the 44th Street Corridor sub-market.
  • The company continues to take advantage of a strong commercial market with the disposition of three Los Angeles office properties and the sale of an office building in the Dallas sub-market for a total of $29.5 million.


4041 Central Plaza


  • Younan acquires an additional 2.33 million square feet of Class A office space in three states.
  • Younan enters the Chicago market with the purchase of Prairie Stone Commons, Embassy Plaza and One North Arlington in the Northwest sub-market.
  • The company enters the Florida market with acquisition of Southpoint Executive Center in Maitland.
  • The company expands its Dallas presence with the acquisition of 8080 NCX and 9400 NCX on the North Central Expressway and Lakeside Square and Four Forest on the LBJ Freeway.
  • The company sells two office buildings in Houston and three office properties in Dallas for a total of $34.5 million.
  • Younan Properties is recognized as the third largest Dallas office landlord at 2.7 million square feet.


Southpoint Executive Center


  • Younan completes another 2.4 million square feet of acquisitions in Dallas and Chicago including the landmark 827,000 square foot KPMG Centre in downtown Dallas.
  • The company extends its Chicago footprint to 2.5 million square feet with the acquisition of 200 North LaSalle, a Class A high-rise in the heart of downtown Chicago, and 211 East Ontario on N. Michigan Avenue.
  • The company exits the southern California market with the sale of Sepulveda Center in Los Angeles, for $50.5 million, after purchasing the property for $27.5 million just 30 months earlier.
  • Younan Properties is the largest Dallas office landlord at 4.7 million square feet of office space.
  • Total portfolio encompasses 7.5 million square feet.


Energy Square III


  • Younan expands its presence in Texas with 12 acquisitions of more than 3.9 square feet of Class A office buildings in Dallas and Houston.
  • Among the Dallas purchases, Younan acquires Thanksgiving Tower for $107 million. The 1.4 million square foot, 50-story, iconic high-rise in Dallas is the largest single asset acquisition by Younan Properties since the company's inception just five years ago.
  • The company completes strategic exit of Florida market with the sale of Southpoint Executive Center for $23.9 million.
  • Younan Properties is named as one of Industry's 100 Leading Companies by Real Estate Forum and Zaya Younan is named CEO to Watch.
  • The company's total portfolio encompasses 10 million square feet of Class A office space.


9400 NCX


  • Younan sells 211 East Ontario in the premier Michigan Avenue sub-market for $37.5 million after acquiring the building for $26.2 million two years earlier.
  • Younan expands its management team and further strengthens its CRE experience with key hires including a chief financial officer.
  • Younan Properties is the largest office building owner in Dallas.
  • Total portfolio reaches 10.5 million square feet of Class A office space.


Two Westlake Park


  • Younan is named the 2nd largest owner of Class A office space in Texas and the largest office building owner in Dallas.
  • The company re-enters Southern California market with the acquisitions of Younan Corporate Center on the 101 Freeway corridoor and Younan Corporate Plaza in the Los Angeles sub-market of Woodland Hills.


200 N LaSalle


  • Younan Properties continues to grow and now employs 120 professionals in four states.
  • Its total portfolio exceeds 11 million square feet of mid-to high-rise office properties in five key markets - Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix.


Thanksgiving Tower

Senior Management

Zaya S. Younan
Chairman and CEO

Tony Avila
Vice President Acquisitions

John R. Cook
Regional Vice President
Leasing and Operations

Denise F. Davis
Vice President
Corporate Communications
and Investor Relations

Joy DeBacker
Regional Vice President
Leasing and Operations

Maria Castorena
Vice President Finance
and Accounting

Wallace "Bud" Smith
Vice President Facilities
and Engineering